River and Rocks

River Rock originates from being a river tributary on the Vaal River, and the rocks are the  everlasting effects of a giant meteorite, hitting the earth approximately 2000 million years ago.

The force of the impact opened up a crater, which is still visible, and is about 40km in diameter.  When visiting Vredefort (our neighboring town), you will notice small hills in a large dome shape with beautiful valleys between them.

We recommend the Dome Impact Tour to all our guests, to learn more about this magnificent wonder.

River Rock Lodge is a family owned establishment with many years experience in the hospitality industry.  Realizing that our nature scenes are just too precious to keep to ourselves, we opened up for the public in 2016.

The estate is 10HA big, with three untouched islands up to the mainstream to explore.  Because we are not on the main stream of the Vaal River, anglers are spoiled for choice when it comes to quiet little fishing spots.  We also have countless bird species for the avid bird watcher, which includes fish eagles. From time to time, monkeys will also travel through our lodge en-route to their preferred river spots.

As we are animal lovers, we will always have animals around. We are blessed to have miniature horses and goats in camps and we will always welcome your pets too. 

All our chalets / cabins were designed to make you feel right at home, with a country flair and a little chic here and there, to spice up your getaway. We pride ourselves for not being a Hotel, but rather a warm welcoming countryside lodge with owners always happy to receive you.

Our Reception

It is our mission to deliver exceptional service, from the minute you book until you depart. Our friendly Reception will ensure that you will have all the information required to have a memorable stay. 

We can also assist you with your celebratory setups, whether it is a Birthday, Engagement or just an additional arrival snack basket. 

We strive to make your check in as quick, welcoming and effortless as possible so you can start enjoying your breakaway as soon as you arrive.

To us, your arrival is not business as normal... you're a special guest and we can't wait to extend our warmest welcome to you!

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